Mi Casa Resource Center educates, trains, and supports youth and adults on their path to success in education, employment, and business ownership. We do this through nationally recognized programming for job-seekers, entrepreneurs, and youth taught by highly-qualified staff who are experts in their fields. Recognizing there are many factors that impact a person’s path to economic prosperity, our holistic approach provides wrap-around services to address potential barriers to success. We treat everyone as unique individuals, considering their strengths, challenges, and personal vision of success when helping them identify and achieve their goals.


Business Development

We support entrepreneurs through all stages of business development with 1-on-1 consulting, in-depth training, and a variety of business-related workshops.

Career Development

We teach job-seekers the skills they need to connect to the career they want through intensive training, 1-on-1 career coaching, and professional learning opportunities.


Youth Development

We provide academic support and career exploration for middle and high school youth after school and during the summer.

Other Resources

Together with our community partners, we offer additional resources and support services to help families succeed.